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When mold spores land on a surface where moisture is present, mold may then start to grow. Growing mold may damage the surfaces it breeds on and can threaten the structure of your home. In addition to your home, certain molds have been linked to serious health conditions. Mold remediation requires specialized knowledge and equipment that most general contractors are not qualified to perform. Best Option Restoration of North Houston is certified to deal with potentially hazardous molds that could be causing you harm.


Mold is not always seen, but its presence is definitely felt. Living with mold in and around the home is not something that you want to do. If there's even the slightest hint that mold is on the premises, you need to invest in professional mold cleaning and removal. Best Option Restoration of North Houston is the answer for all things to do with mold damage restoration as well as meditation and removal. 


Far from being some minor problem, mold is something that should be dealt with promptly. The process of mold mitigation involves more than getting rid of the mold that's easy to spot; you need a full mold remediation that gets rid of all the spores, and leaves the home free of any signs of issue. 

You may not realize what mold can do to the home and to your health. Over time, mold can deteriorate furnishes, finishes, and even the materials used for the structure. In terms of health issues, they range from minor inconveniences to serious problems. Things only get worse if someone in the home has asthma or some other respiratory disorder. The same is true for anyone who has an autoimmune condition. Simply put, exposure to mold is detrimental to your health. 

Consider this fact: there are more than a million spores in a single square inch of mold growth. Think of what that means if there's mold in the duct system, the basement, a corner of the attic, or behind the washing machine. At any given time, you're breathing in spores that will compromise your health. 

Removal is not something for amateurs to attempt. You need professionals to ensure all of the mold is gone. The team at Best Option Restoration of North Houston has the training, the experience, and the certification to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Best of all, they can manage the remediation safely and provide ideas on how to prevent the mold from returning. 


There's more than one way to tell if mold is present in your home. The most obvious is seeing mold somewhere in the house. Remember that what you see is not all there is; that little bit of old that you can spot easily is only a portion of what's actually happening. 

The way the home smells is also a good sign. You may clean until you think everything is spotless, but there's still a scent that's somewhat musty, or reminds you of clothing with mildew. If so, then there's something around that you can't see with ease. A professional who knows how to deal with mold removal will know where to look and what needs to happen next. 

Finally, you may not notice any mold, or even have that stale scent in the home. What you do notice is that it seems as if people sneeze or cough for no apparent reason. Perhaps you're having trouble sleeping lately. It could be that headaches are more frequent or that your nose is stuffy a lot of the time. It's true that all these symptoms can be caused by other issues, but they can also be indicators that mold is present. 

Have the home checked by a professional. If any mold is found, then it's time to arrange for an emergency restoration in North Houston TX as soon as possible. Work with our team at Best Option Restoration of North Houston, and the mold will be gone a lot sooner. 


In order to plan out a mold removal in Boone County, it's necessary to find all the places where mold is growing. You'll find that the mold detection service provided by our team will do the trick. Along the way, we'll also identify the factors that led to the mold development in the first place. 

This is good for two reasons. First, we can get rid of all the mold, and protect your health as well as the building. Second, our team can help you eliminate any of the causes for the original mold development. That means the mold is less likely to come back at a later date. 

What are some of the possible reason for mold development? It could be moisture seeping in through basement walls, or through a hole in the roof. The problem could have to do with a leaking pipe, or one that recently froze and then thawed. Loose hoses on the washer may be the cause, or it could be a leaking water heater tank. Once we know what led to the excessive moisture and the resulting mold development, it will be easier to protect you and your home. 

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This is no time to experiment with possible remedies. You want to bring in someone who knows how to handle mold removal from ceiling tiles, get rid of mold in out of the way spaces, and handle the entire process of mold odor removal. That someone is the team from Best Option Restoration of North Houston. 

Why us? All team members are trained and certified by reputable agencies. Everything we do and every resource that we use meets all the standards set by regulatory bodies like the EPA, the CDC, and AIHA. Best of all, we stay up to date on our training. That means you have access to the latest solutions for mold remediation and removal. 


If you're thinking that trying to get rid of the mold on your own will save time and money, think again. The opposite is true. Using a professional service like Best Option Restoration of North Houston will save on both over the long run. 

It's true that you might be able to get rid of the mold that's easy to spot. What about the rest? If it remains, the mold problem will be just as bad (or worse) in no time. You'll need to start over again, which means more time and more money spent on resources. 

Have us come in and take care of the problem, point out what caused the mold to develop in the first place, and even help with eliminating those causes, and the potential for more mold drops drastically. Along with saving time and money, our efforts prevent you from experiencing further mold exposure. 

You can trust Best Option Restoration of North Houston to use the most effective resources to find and get rid of the mold. We know how to use each resource responsibly, so there's no danger to you, anyone else living in the house, or even to your pets. 

If you think there's the possibility of a mold problem, call us now. We're available seven days a week, any time of the day or night. We'll check the home, go over the results with you, and discuss what can be done to get rid of the mold. Don't be surprised if you notice a difference in the way the home smells and the way you feel shortly after the mold is all gone.  


  • Moisture and humidity that's trapped within a space
  • Plumbing that's damaged
  • Roofs that need repairs
  • Condensation on surfaces
  • Lack of enough ventilation
  • Dampness in spaces like attics, basements, and crawl spaces
  • Foundation cracks that increase groundwater seepage


  • Use dehumidifiers to maintain safer levels
  • Make home repairs to plumbing, the roof, and window & door frames
  • Clean and dry everything after any type of flooding
  • Improve ventilation in key areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms
  • Seal basement walls and flooring to reduce seepage


  • Weaken building materials and undermine the home's structural stability
  • Trigger breathing issues
  • Cause runny or congested nasal passages
  • Lead to unexplained nosebleeds
  • Headaches
  • Eye irritations
  • Skin irritations
  • Fatigue

You do not have to live with mold. Contact Best Option Restoration of North Houston today. Together, we can take care of the mold problem and help you live your best life.


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